Stock Trading Education

Getting Started

Brokerages, Trading access, Account funding, and balances

We recommend having an account with TD Ameritrade, Fidelity or Tastyworks, since they offer the most complete packages. TD Ameritrade also provides access to the Thinkorswim platform, which our lead trader, Percivul, personally uses. In our opinion, brokerages like Robinhood or Webull simply lack the flexibility and toolsets needed to be an effective trader. For Canadian users, Interactive Brokers does the best job. You will need options trading access and spread trading access (Level 2) and eventually unsecured positions and shorts access (Level 3). Starting with level 2 is necessary. Industry experts recommend a minimum balance: $2,500 for trading.

Our Practices

What are considered best trade practices?

Most Discord-based servers typically only focus on the short-term gains using the long call / long put strategy. The risk/reward ratio to this is sadly not very high and oftentimes simply results in people with little to no experience inevitably wiping out their accounts. This has led to several competing servers simply going out of business as well. At PTG, we believe in a “Best Tool for the Job” type of approach. We employ every trading style available in order to make the best decisions for a given situation. We play everything from straight stock purchases and sales, all the way to futures, forex, spreads, investiture plays, etc… It’s due to the sheer diversity of play types and structures that give us the security and flexibility needed to handle any market condition.

What if I don't know what to trade or how to play it?

Analysts on hand who play the market live and in real-time every market day. We take our time when posting plays to make sure that if anyone has questions, they get answers. We are not a “call out” server as we expect our members to have questions and we encourage them to ask questions. We believe that the better educated our members are, the better trading they’ll engage in and that contributes to a much higher rate of success for everyone.

When do you guys teach how to trade?

If the market is open, there’s always an analyst on hand to answer questions and even provide examples if needed. Our analysts have to prove that they know what they’re doing to the server leadership before they’re even given a platform to post-play. In this way, we’re sure that our analysts can provide our members with the quality plays that they need in order to grow their accounts.

Day vs Spread Trading

Most retail options traders are net option buyers, meaning they purchase naked calls or put in the hopes of a directional move. Despite years of doing this, many traders neglect to ask a perhaps essential question: Who is on the other side of my play? Careful consideration of this question may lead to an uncomfortable realization that most smart money is actually net option sellers. Thus, most retail traders – without knowing actually go up against Wall Street’s biggest beasts when they purchase directional option plays.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc NYSE: BRK-A) is a famous option-selling Wall Street player that’s especially known for its $7.5 million gain in five minutes selling Coca-Cola Co. options. Option setters – like Buffett and John Greiner- attempt to harness the power of statistics to make accurate bets about where the underlying stock’s price will not be within a certain time frame. The “not” in this sentence is important. Unlike option buyers, option sellers do not place bets on directional movement. They win when they select a boundary that a stock does not reach within a certain timeframe. This distinction reportedly has a powerful result. Whereas day traders would be ecstatic to record a hit rate of 70%, most option sellers regularly report accuracy levels as high as 80% to 90%. With Primetime’s Percivul, this rate is 98%.

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