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Primetime Trading Group, the top destination for traders looking to gain an A-Z understanding of the markets, while simultaneously giving you the trades and guidance to grow your account. Most traders tend to get lost in the complex landscape of options trading. Here at Primetime we simplify the trading process to help any trader to succeed.


Access to everything a part-time trader needs

VIP Membership plan includes clear, timely, and profitable alerts on a daily basis. We have maintained a level of profitability for members that sets us apart from the competition, by combining our alerts with guidance from the same analysts that alerted them. The VIP chat is always being monitored by analysts for any questions. We take an average of 15-20 trades per week with a majority giving strong profits for our members. With many members not being able to day trade, we focus on swings trades, but when opportunity knocks, we take the day trades too.

Diamond Club

A one-on-one trading experience

A one-on-one trading schedule. Start every day at 10:30 with John Greener on stream. The Diamond Club membership includes everything VIP offers, plus the live stream with our lead trader, John. We built this offering for traders that are either looking to build larger accounts through active spread trading, as well as for those looking to learn in-depth mechanics of the market. Most members leave their microphones on during the stream to ask questions and clarifications, but it’s okay to join the streams and just watch.

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